[rF] CTDP F1 2006 with new cubemap

unedited Shots!


  1. OMG, those pictures are wonderful... please, tell the CTDP team to add your cubemaps, the Ferrari looks awesome, nice work geggo... ;)

  2. those cars look fantastic! what did you touch? i am making some cars and in the cube maps i can only touch the blend % percentage i think....

  3. I made a completely new cubemap using HDRShop + cubemapgen ati tool ;)

  4. Awesome guys... It would keep it in the final release.

  5. Added to my first comment lighting with this new cubes becomes more relevant and more espectacular. 3D feeling increases a lot. It's now more similar to GT5 lighting.


  6. holy shit ... it looks much better now .. with the new cube map...
    well done!

  7. yes it looks good. no dont add it to the mod just yet. release a v1.1 so ppl can atleast get started with the mod. v1.1 will also give you a lot of room to make additions if you feel like it. and since the current version is already quite awesome u ll only be adding icing to the icing on the cake.. think abt it..
    bottomline: release your mod at the earliest

  8. hey men !! is my season favorite !! can u give me one link for download that please !!

    thanks you =D

  9. CTDP,

    Please, please, please release your mod!!

    I can't take it anymore!!

    No doubt this will be the best F1 mod to date!!!

    I appreciate all of your hard work and continued efforts.

    God Bless all of you at CTDP!!!


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