[RELEASE] rFactor ISI Montreal GP 2008 Update

montreal update

Montreal 2008 by 6e66o & friends

Initialy this was planned as a simple Texture Update,
but as some major changes had to be done in order to make this track look & feel like the 2008 GP Version,
we bring it to you as a standalone Track/Layout.

what´s new:
2008 Advertisement
new Curb Textures
new Tree Textures
new Background Textures
Patchy Roadtextures
new tdf File for realistic grip values
and few things more..

Make sure you have installed SLN´s Update (http://sln.rscsites.org/tracks/track.php?Trackname=montreal)
Some Textures will fit better if you have!

Run Installer and point it to your main rFactor Folder!

Thanks to:
ISI for giving us this Track!
SLN for letting us use some of his great Textures!
Misan & Turb for making this standalone and changing tdf file!
everyone who is downloading this track!



DOWNLOAD @ PSX-Racing.de

DOWNLOAD @ 4racers.de

If you dont own a high end System and get BKA Material Error use this Fix:


  1. Anonymous17/4/10 18:05

    Mate can u reupload this: http://rapidshare.com/files/122027075/Background_Fix.rar.html

  2. There u go: http://rapidshare.com/files/376976166/Montreal_low_res_Background_.rar

  3. Hi mate ,Upwards, it's mentioned as a standalone track.Even though,I installed the track directly and it was added to the ISI's Montreal track versions, the loading bar was filled and I was getting dropped from the game.When I deleted the ISI Track I installed yours but the track didnt load at all and I should press enter to go back to dekstop. Any sollutions ? Wish we find one as I never saw this thread :)

    Pashalis Gergis

  4. It should work, if you have installed the ISI Track.
    You need to have that Track!
    Could be you need the low res Background fix.


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