[released] Nordschleife v2.2a - The Ring 2007

the last Ring-Edition from my side (*Com8*)

thanks to 6e66o, the NLC-Team, RaceBit, VirtualRacing, VLM, G99 and Nor for 3? great years with ups and downs, Thorsten Rueter @ ThePits, KrautRacing, all former Betatesters, rf-nordschleife.de (Tobi and all boardmembers), Raceking, GSMF and especially my family and friends for their support!

of course to all the other fans of our project, supporting us and setting servers on fire at release day - YOU are the ring!


*Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
6e66o - textures
Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
Misan - AIW, Cam's
Tobi - website, board


- for installation just drop "Ring_2007" folder in your "..\rFactor\GameData\Locations\" folder

- to activate the RingSounds in all mods copy and paste the wav-files from "RingSounds" to "..\rFactor\GameData\Sounds\Ambient\" folder

- texture flickering may occur in some mods cockpit view - to fix just open the *.cam file of the mod with notepad and under "LocalCam=COCKPIT" change line

"ClipPlanes=(0.075000, 500.000000)" to

"ClipPlanes=(0.175000, 500.000000)"

- flickering racegroove on some trackparts (Wehrseifen, Karussell, Schwalbenschwanz), due to waypoint limitations in AIW-file

feel free to update the track with additions from 2008 (such as FiA-catch-fences, new tarmac and curbs) or other texture updates - just leave a credit to the original authors of the version!

converting this version to other platforms is also permitted - just leave a credit to the original authors!

have fun at the ring! (SIMBIN - bring it on!)


DOWNLOAD @ racebit.de

DOWNLOAD @ skins4u.net

DOWNLOAD @ martinfrindt.net


  1. Is the best available version of green hell, incredible work that you did with textures!!!

  2. thx, glad you like it! =)

  3. Hello,

    first, I must say that Iam impressed by all your work. I dont have rFactor but on screens it looks amazing.

    I have one question. Is it also permitted to use some uf your textures on other tracks? Of course with leaving your credits.

    I started making high quality addons for GTR2 and it will be very helpful if I can use for example tree textures which Iam not able to do in needed quality at this time.

    One my project for example:


    Thank you very much for answer


  4. hi com8.

    congratulations for the tracks, i have 1 question for you.

    i help the creator of the 1985 mod for rFactor:

    i see that the 24H layout have indide the complete 1985 track layout.

    We would ask to you if is possible to create a 1985 version to insert in the future 1985 track pack.

    obviously all the credits will be yours (and original creator).

    can you help our? :)


  5. podracer1/5/09 18:03

    Sorry Dear Friends, but the track does not run. I definitely installed it correctly, but by starting the track I get an .mas error and a crash. And I´m obviously not the only one with this Problem. You should solve this !!!

  6. Hello mate. Firstly thanks for the track. Second, is it possible to cut the outlap short on the Tourist version? Thanks.

  7. Sorry, I just saw the sign in the 3rd lane :)


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