Machwerk Update Release cancelled

Because of the Narrowmindness of some People,
who think making Texture Addons for their Tracks is a very bad thing,
and a Reason to insult each other,
there wont be a Release of my Machwerk Textures.

A perfect Example how egocentric this community became.

gla hf!

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  1. non preoccuparti 6e660 sei un artista che cosa sono mai รจ anche un esempio da seguire mio blog

    Molti saluti

  2. Hey don't be discouraged, just release your beautiful work and let those people rot in a little corner!

  3. Please don't cancel your update.

    Your work is great and it would be a shame to see it not get released.

  4. That sucks. Getting banned for posting pics of texture updates at a forum that has hosted rip-offs so many times in the past is ridiculous.
    Please reconsider releasing them if there's no problem with the converters of the track, I'm sure your work is worth getting out.

  5. See,
    that´s the problem.
    Some people of the converting team felt really upset, because i tried to improve their track.
    I didnt even release the update, but they allready blamed me not to respect the original authors work.
    They could simply have asked me to work together or whatever.

    Actually i got contact with lifeRS, who converted the track to rF, and he was happy to see some new Textures for the Track.

    But some ppl seem to be on a huge ego trip,
    and in this situation im not willing to release anything.

  6. Just a little precision:
    6e66o has not been banned from NoGrip because of this update.
    It was a technical ban, nothing personal.

    About the Machwerk track, I sincerely hope things can be sorted out with the converters so that this great work can be released.

  7. Yah..
    sorry again,
    it was a misunderstanding.

    It wasn´t the reason to cancel the release anyway.

  8. ffs, your textures are always amazing, i'd be proud to have one of my conversions given the 6e66o treatment. narrow minded arse bandits :(

  9. I get it, it must be the "you're gonna spoil the GPL atmosphere by releasing textures that look good" drill again, as if the atmosphere is anything more than staying in the same color palette basically.
    Either that or someone's gonna feel that being creative can make people who just import things on 3dsimmed look not so good.
    I was doing textures for it myself until I saw how good yours looked.

  10. I was hoping that the textures would be released... and then i saw this :(


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