RELEASE - Targa Florio 1.0

******************Targa Florio - GPL conversion for rFactor*******************

*******Thanks to Ginetto and his team for creating this great GPL track*******
************and for allowing us to convert it to our favorite sim.************
*************Please read GPL.txt for the original track credits.**************

During our conversion of the Targa Florio we encountered some significant bugs,
as we went along pushing the limits of ISI's engine. (read the FAQ for more info)

Because of this, we were going to hold off the release and wait for rF2.
But after much consideration we decided (with Ginetto's blessing)
to release the track 'as is' for you guys to enjoy in rF.

We hope you like it!

If you want to convert the track to another platform,
please contact us on our forum

Targa Florio conversion team.


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