Project "new racing rig" part 1

so i decided to build a new racing rig.
I will try and blog about the progress as much as i can.

Some of the components that will be used:
new pc (i7 950 @ 3.06 Ghz, 6 GB RAM, GTX460 2gb vram)
40" tv (Samsung LE40B650)
G25 wheel and pedals
Leather seat
DIY cockpit (wood)

Here´s a first sketch,
very professional, i know :)

Some pictures of construction materials and the place where it will be standing:

Im going to use this seat for now
(maybe it will replaced with a proper race seat in the future)


  1. Hey, such a great place to race tbh !. Looks great , as I'm upgrading my PC really soon I took a look on your specs and I think I'm gonna choose the components as they're really great and fit with my budget :-), I got a question though , as I will probably move my PC to a room that the TV is a Sony KDL-46HX900. It's 46" Full HD 1080 , LED TV. Do you think my GPU will fit fine with it ? If not then I'm gonna stick with my 32 " FULL HD Monitor I already have. BTW I think your last thing to upgrade is your wheel and then you will have the ultimate racing seat ;D

    Pashalis Gergis

  2. Hey, im not an expert, but imo the size of the monitor doesnt matter really.
    Its just a question of the resolution, which is probably the same as on your 32".

  3. Yeah , no question about that , but I couldn't find someone at that time to give me an explanation about it . Anyway thank you ;)

    Pashalis Gergis


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