My Cockpit

People often wonder how i get these realistic angles in my driving videos and ask me what monitor im using, and how it is positioned in relation to the wheel.

So here are some pictures of my humble Cockpit.

Monitor is a Samsung T260HD 26"
Wheel is a Logitech G25

This is how i position my camcorder when recording the videos.

As you can see it´s all about the right perspective =)

Update: See new rig here


  1. Anonymous11/4/10 18:37

    do u have a shift indicator?

  2. As you can see, i dont :)

  3. Pashalis Gergis13/4/10 13:37

    At least now i know the way you grab the RBR videos with the camera, usefull stuff ;). Shift indicator isn't needed imo because you can hear the engine or just see quickly the revs,anyway I hope there would be a way to make my g27 indicators work with rF but theres not any atm , maybe for rF2 ;p.

  4. Oh well, not a dumb thing, to use a real cam rather than fraps or something like that. Anyway, many cams don't record too good, what cam are you using? :)

  5. I´m using the Sanyo Xacti HD2000,
    and i´m pretty happy with it.
    Records 60fps & Full HD =)


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