Targa Florio GPL Conversion WIP

Just some Pictures of the WIP GPL Conversion of the mighty Targa Florio.
Thanks to Ginetto, sergioloro and everybody else involved in creating this Simracing Milestone.


  1. Hi

    I have a question related about the top banner that change every page change. Can you say me how to make? thanks and good blog!

  2. Google for "blogger random header",
    there are lots of tutorials for it ;)

  3. Hi Geggo , can you tell me how type of file you config your rFactor to save theses screens ? how size of screens ? thaks a lot , can you add me on msn : gpinho22@terra.com.br ( im´Brazilian and your blog is in my favourites ) thxs a lot !!!

  4. I changed the screnshot filetype in PLR to PNG,
    which looks much better then JPG.

  5. Gustavo Pinho14/1/10 12:38

    oh thanks , really nice information , i will try that here ... thx a lot !!! you race in one League ?? how i can participate ?? i do my best on rFactor and have good lap times, i race in servers on my coutry , but i really want more !! i race whith wheel G25 and have many mods here , if you intersted to know my local league you are wellcome to participate in a 4fun or champ. race at http://www.proracebr.com.


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