The importance of ambient colours

I dont know about you,
but i think many rFactor tracks use way to blue ambient colours.

Here´s a little comparison:

Now of course this is a very difficult subject, as tastes are different.
But i prefer a rather neutral look, as it seems more realistic to me.

You can find the RGB values youre looking for using photoshop or a similar program.

Ambient settings can be changed in your track´s gdb file.

I used DayAmbientRGB = (90,90,90)for the pics above.

Remember, changing such things can cause mismatches.
So always make a backup of the original file.


  1. Anonymous4/8/09 20:07

    Jop ner Fetter Unterschied! Sieht auf jeden fall besser aus

    MfG ATS

  2. Anonymous5/8/09 18:21

    i haven't noticed this, or even tought of it! Yours is certainly looking more natural!

  3. This is an excellent point. Your track updates definitely got the correct "world of colors", as I think most of the tracks for rFactor got way too over-saturated and contrasted colors. Keep it up mate, the most eye candy track updates for rF!


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