[rF]Hungaroring 2009 Previews


  1. Beautiful, Very good job ! I hope the release is soon !!! I want to drive on this ! Very very Good Job 6e66o

  2. Anonymous29/7/09 10:38

    Awesome work!

  3. Wird man zum Benutzen des Updates die Version von EMG brauchen oder lädst du es als ein Packet hoch in dem die EMD-Strecke mit drin ist? (So wie bei Interlagos)
    Leider sind alle Links zur EMG-Version bei rfactorcentral tot.

    Achja sieht wie immer super aus

  4. Track wird standalone sein,
    brauchst also nichts weiter.

  5. Anonymous29/7/09 13:10

    Do you think it released today?

  6. Why not the day before yesterday!? ;-) OK, this looks very promising. I'm glad to see you are going to release this update. This will make the 2006 season complete with (very) good tracks, although you probably go for 2009 adverts, pit boxes, etc.?

  7. 2009 Adverts, yes.
    Waiting for the new modelled chicane,
    then it will be released.

    shouldn´t take long ;)

  8. 2009 is also ok, although CTDP will need more time for their mod. Wait, that's for rF2. ;) Sorry, I had a hard day... Take your time. Quality matters more than speed (for me at least).

  9. One more question. Are you also improving AIW? In the EMG version, AI all suddenly move to the left hand side of the road after the start, which often causes accidents. But I don't know if this could be fixed by changing the AIW file alone.


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