[RBR] Henning Solberg Focus 2009


  1. Anonymous1/8/09 04:30

    what your system specs

  2. Anonymous1/8/09 10:30

    Very nice screens, about rally pics... Will you make Kimi with his Fiat rallying in Finland? would be cool ;) (would definately take a place on my desktop)

  3. Thx,
    if i can find his car for RBR, i will certainly consider making some pics :)

    my system:
    Dual Core E4500@2.2 ghz
    7950gx2 512 MB
    2 GB RAM

  4. Anonymous1/8/09 10:58

    thank you very much ;)

  5. What a picture! So beautiful! Congratulations!
    I've got some questions...
    which is your screen resolution?
    which is the effect you put on the background?
    do you edit the colors/lightness? how?
    all your editing effects are done by photoshop?
    lot of questions, maybe, but i'm very keen on rbr pictures, if you email me i cand send you some, and i'm very interested in how to improve these pictures, and yours are in the highest level i've ever seen.
    you can answer me either on your website or on my email.
    maybe with email would be better, in order to have your email for further questions in a future, and to occasionally send you some pictures!
    email: virgiliocorrea at hotmail.com

  6. Hey,
    resolution is 1680*1050
    gaussian blur in the background
    I further use lighting filter, curves etc.

    Yes, all with Photoshop :D

  7. Hello. Great picture!
    I am looking for that livery, where did you get it?

  8. Hi thx,
    i think i got it here:


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