- Installed rFactor V 1.255 or rFactor Lite V 1.255
- GTR Evolution Steam Version or DVD Version
- 3GB of free Disk Space


- 185 cars from the VLN 2005 season
- 29 base models
- Model changes, add-on parts and rims for several cars
- Several add-on skins which will be used by the AI
- 10 Nordschleife events for offline racing based on the real 10 races from 2005
- 10 Nordschleife events for online racing based on the real 10 races from 2005
- 10 different texture sets and light settings for the Nordschleife events
- Up to 104 cars on track
- Performance optimization for a high amount of cars on the track
- 76 car physics from 18 VLN classes based on realistic car data
- Real pit stops for the AI at offline races
- Real lap times for the AI at offline races depending on the performance from 2005
- Adjusted AI for the integrated Events for the ultimate VLN feeling
- Opponent filters for real VLN 2005 races
- Adjusted Damage model
- New sounds for every car
- Reworked rFactor Menu
- Configuration tool for an easy configuration of the .plr


The NLC Team:

Mad Zak

We would like to thank:

Persons who helped us out:
Com8, Fonsecker, FuNK!, CoDan, stabiz

Former team members:
Marty, Olli, Mr.Ahab, RMB Racetec, Lopi, Fog, King of the Ring, DTM-Racer, Pamali, Leholtet, Nox, Gorer

Final Beta-test support:
PSX Racing und Virtual Racing e.V.

A special thanks goes to:

Com8 & Friends – for the great Nordschleife
www.racebit.de – for the long-standing support
All real VLN Teams which have supported us
All Websites with Pictures from the VLN 2005 Season
Image Space Incorporated – for rFactor as Modding platform
Simbin – for their great Simulations
The rFactor Community – for all the mods that helped us with this project

Car Credits

Alfa Romeo 147 – Team RSDG - Alfa Romeo 147 Cup Mod for F1 Challenge
Audi A4 – GSMF-Alien
BMW E30 – Simbin – Race the WTCC Game
BMW E36 – Olly C. - BTCC Mod for F1 Challenge
BMW E46 WTCC – Simbin - Race the WTCC Game
BMW E46 Coupe – outrunner,balnat,ironfly – BMW M3 E46 Street Racing for rFactor
BMW M3 GTR – Simbin – GTR 2
BMW Mini Cooper S – Simbin – Race the WTCC Game
Chrysler Viper – Simbin – GTR 2
Ford Focus – Fantomas – Addon für ETCC Mod for F1 Challenge
Honda Accord – Simbin – Race the WTCC Game
Honda Civic – Team RSR – ETCC Mod for F1 Challenge
Honda S2000 – Gonzo-kool – Ensushiya Mod for rFactor
Lamborghini Gallardo – Auto-Art – Gallardo Challenge for rFactor
Lotus Elise – Simbin – GTR
Maserati Trofeo – Drapin – Maserati Trofeo Mod for GTR
Opel Manta –RMB Racetec – SCGT
Opel Astra V8 Coupé – Team GSMF – DTM 2002 Mod for F1 Challenge
Peugeot 206 - Rafael1976 - Updated NFS Car
Peugeot 206 Cockpit - XXX Team - 206 RCC Mod for rFactor
Porsche 993 – Simbin – GTR
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup – Team GSMF – PCC 2005 Mod for rFactor
Porsche 996 GT3 MR – EdOg – Updated Simbin Car
Porsche 996 GT3 RS – Simbin – GTR 2
Porsche 996 GT3 RSR – Simbin – GTR 2
Porsche 996 GT2 Turbo – Quertreiber – Updated Simbin Car
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup – Team GSMF – PCC 2007 Mod for rFactor
Renault Clio – FFracer – Clio Cup FFracers Mod for rFactor
Volvo S60 – Team RSR – ETCC Mod for F1c Challenge

We would like to thank all modders which are working on mods in their free time.
Without you this mammoth project weren’t possible.

Unfortunately we couldn’t contact every modder to ask for permission.
If someone doesn’t agree with the integration of his model in this mod then please contact us so we can find a solution.


Visit us at our Team-Website

Do you have questions? Visit our Support-Forum

Please take some time to read the Readme for further Informations about this Mod.

Are you ready for showing your skills online?
Join our official League! The Sign-In is already opened:
Please register and sign-in with your real name.


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