[rF] Best of rFactor 2008

So finally after many hours of work i have finished my entry for rfactorcetnrals video competition.

This is my Best of rFactor 2008, enjoy =)
Make sure to watch it in HD!


Blip.tv (righ click > save target)

featured Cars:

F1 1988 by Carrera.4
F1 2006 by CTDP
Historic GT & Touring Cars by HistorX
BMW Sauber F1.08 by ISI/MMG
GP2 2006 by Nunux/Wardog
Italian & European challenge by Apex modding
Legend Cars by trellet.mod
CART Factor Prologue by Racing Line Developments
Champ Car World Series by iDT
Grand Slam by Team Players/iDT/D3
Série Internationale Du Mans by Carpe Noctem Design Group
So76 by Core@Team
F1 2007 by MMG
BMW 320 E21 by Team21/dmatzies
BMW M1 ProCar by BITDT
Ferrari 312B F1-1970 by Alain Lefebvre
Grand Prix 79 by Grand Prix Classics
V8Factor by Team ORSM

featured Tracks:

Le Mans by Virtua_LM
Nordschleife 2.2a by Com8
Monte Carlo 88 by Carrera.4
Imola 2006 by WHAT21A
Bahrain by CTDP
Monza by ISI
Montreal 2008 by The Lonely
Singapore by Slimjim
Brands Hatch 2005 by lasercutter
Shanghai by TEAM CHINA
Monza 88 by Carrera.4
Varano de`Melegari by Madhorse/Elwood
Putnam Park by Global Motorsport Technologies
Mid Ohio Sports Car Course by Virtua_LM
Laguna Seca by Com8
UK Rally by raceking
Interlagos by Frank Alexandre
Goldenport Motor Park by raceking
Long Beach by iDT
Eastern Creek by Piddy

All Mods available at www.rfactorcentral.com

Thanks to all modders for making rFactor what it is,
the most enjoyable racing sim out there.


  1. Dude, you are a freaking genius! I´m going to post this video on my blog right know so simracers here in Brasil can watch it too.


  2. Anonymous9/2/09 16:29

    Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

  3. thx guys,
    i really appreciate it!

  4. Really nice video, makes me want rFactor instead of GTR Evo, too bad I cant afford it since I bought Evo :(

  5. You sir, are a genius! Brilliantly done. I really hope you win!!

  6. It was e real pleasure to see your work.

    Great feeling, dramatics sensation and music.

    Thanks for sharing your work

  7. At the beggining when u´re showing the nords it is the voice of Jackie Stewart, right? What about the other voices you used?

    As yofloema said, great feeling and dramatics. The voices helped a lot, very nice. And on my blog ppl are really enjoying it too.

  8. Talking about Le Mans is Ralph Cooke, owner of Cooke Racing, which took part at the 24H Race in the early 80´s.

    Then of course Jackie Stewart´s famous Quote on Nordschleife, as you allready said.

    The Voice for Monte Carlo i took from an exciting documentation about the Monaco GP called "Monaco - Race of Kings"
    Sorry but i dont know what the commentators name is ^^

    "Racing is Life - anything that happens before or after ist just waiting"
    This is from Steve Mcqueen,
    in one of his best Movies "Le Mans"
    Actually that´s one of my all time favourite Movies.
    If you haven´t seen it yet, go check it out, right NOW! ^^

    Last but not least,
    british Commentator Legend Murray Walker "It´s GO, GO, GOOO!"
    U gotta love him :D

    cheers :)

  9. Thx for answering man!

    Now I remember the Steve Mcqueen quote. I have the original Le Mans DVD here :)

  10. Wasn't that the LMT mod at 3:41? Or was it the Sauber in the list?

  11. Wasn't that the LMT mod at 3:41? Or the Sauber thing in the list?

  12. It´s the CTDP 06 BMW.
    The moving arms will come with a patch from ctdp.

  13. Can you give me a link when it is released plz?

  14. Once it is released, you will find it here:

  15. WOW!!!
    Such a quick reply!
    Much quicker than I'm used to on YouTube, anyway...
    Thanks for the link.

  16. umm...what is the audio codec you are using? I want to play it on my tivo but ffmpeg and nothing else supports it

  17. hmm, should be mp3 if i remember correctly..

  18. I checked, it's windows media Lossless. I think MS has a firm hold on that format because none of the open source converters will handle it.
    *** MediaInfo Mac // Plain text file report
    2009-03-09 11:55:44 -0400
    Information for File: 6e66o-BestOfRFactor2008295.wmv

    General / Container Stream # 1
    Total Video Streams for this File -> 1
    Total Audio Streams for this File -> 1
    Video Codecs Used -> WMV3
    Audio Codecs Used -> WMA Lossless
    File Format -> Windows Media
    Play Time -> 4mn 33s
    Total File Size -> 354 MiB
    Total Stream BitRate -> 10.8 Mbps
    Video Stream # 1
    Codec (Human Name) -> VC-1
    Codec (FourCC) -> WMV3
    Frame Width -> 1 280 pixels
    Frame Height -> 720 pixels
    Frame Rate -> 29.970 fps
    Total Frames -> 8208
    Display Aspect Ratio -> 16/9
    Codec Description -> Windows Media Video 9 - Professional
    QF (like Gordian Knot) -> 0.304
    Video Stream Length -> 4mn 33s 600ms
    Video Stream BitRate -> 8 389 Kbps
    Video Stream BitRate Mode -> CBR
    Bit Depth -> 24 bits
    Video Stream Language -> German
    Audio Stream # 1
    Codec -> WMA Lossless
    Codec (FourCC) -> 163
    Audio Stream Length -> 4mn 33s 873ms
    Audio Stream BitRate -> 2 679 Kbps
    Audio Stream BitRate Mode -> CBR
    Number of Audio Channels -> 2
    Sampling Rate -> 96.0 KHz
    Audio Stream Language -> German

  19. Congrats on winning RFC Best of 2008, really excellent video, downloading the HD version to save for offline

  20. Your produced movie was seen.
    It was surprised terribly and beautifully.
    What PC are you using?
    Please teach specs for your information.
    My best regards.


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