[rF] F1 2009 Mclaren testing in Estoril


  1. Nice shots but if that's a good preview of the new F1 cars... Damn those are ugly :).

  2. hehe,
    i dont like em too.
    but we will have to get used to them ^^

  3. Haven't seen the McLaren on real pictures, but here he is for rF o_O Unbelieveable ^^

    btw: 6e66o, you still got your Momo?

  4. But how have you got it? Or have you modelled it?

    Btw, i check out your blog everyday and it is amazing, keep it up ;)

  5. thx carlos!
    No, it was made by some friends of mine for their league. ;)

  6. is really annoying that we wont get to drive such cars. all these private mods are stupid, its a free community so why not let the world share :(

  7. It's quite easy RealF'NDeal, it is no public because it is not a "mod group" as it would be, so no needs to be released.

    In my own league we use also a private mod, with skins and physics from cratch, and although it is a very good mod, we don't see the necessary of releasing it publically.

    But yes, I also would like to test that LMT mod... :P

  8. Heey! McLaren are my favourite team and Lewis Hamilton is my favourite driver! :) Is this version of Estoril public?


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