Formula 1 1988 by Carrera.4 Preview

We took Carrera.4's scratch made Formula 1 1988 Season out for a spin.
A lot of you might wonder if it's as good as his famous tracks - we confirm - it is!

Alain Prost on Pole at Paul Ricard (F).

Leyton House-sponsored March in front of Satoru Nakajima in a Lotus-Honda.

Nonfamous Coloni-Ford driven by Gabriele Tarquini.

Another backbencher-team: German Zakspeed Racing lined up at the end of the field.

Last Row.

Can you feel the heat?

Prost concentrating to hit the pedal in the right moment.

2nd Michele Alboreto thinking about how to get past Prost in the narrow 1st Corner.

His plan did not work - he has to hunt Prost.

Senna attacking Prost.


  1. Yeah baby, that looks great!

  2. Damn nice! Anyone got an ETA for that Mod?


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